Stay in charge, with WiBand behind you.

Perfect for managed service providers, being a wholesale partner entitles you to a discount on all WiBand services. You set the price with your end customer, provide first level support and billing, and WiBand simply bills you as the service provider.

  • Receive discounted prices on WiBand services
  • Build a recurring revenue stream for your business
  • Set your own prices to the end customer
  • You provide technical support to the end customer
  • WiBand provides level 2 technical support to you via access to WiBand’s 24/7/365 Network Operations Center


Spread the love and get rewarded.

Suitable for managed IT service providers or IT consultants, being a Reseller means customers you refer to WiBand receive a discount, and you also earn a referral reward. WiBand handles everything else from technical support to billing.

  • Your customers receive discounted pricing on WiBand’s services
  • Receive referral fees for bringing customers to WiBand
  • WiBand provides 24/7/365 to the end customer via our Network Operations Center
  • We develop a great partnership to solve many IT problems for your customers