Comprehensive security in a single box.

WiBand’s managed firewall service protects your network and your data from outside users, viruses, and other security threats. Once WiBand is on the job, we’ll provide all the hardware, manage all the updates and maintenance, and keep a 24/7 watch on your firewall and network security. You worry about work, we’ll worry about you.

Next Generation Firewall

Application aware filtering and rules with intrusion detection and prevention.

Content Filtering

Prevent your users from accessing inappropriate or harmful content with a fully customizable content engine.

Malware Protection

Prevent malware and viruses from entering your network and infecting your employees’ devices.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

Safely connect your remote employees to the office network with our easy-to-use VPN setup that works with all devices and operating systems.


Use multiple firewalls and connections to create a fault tolerant network where your users are always online.

Superior Management

Use our real-time monitoring and management tools to always be aware of how your network is performing and how much traffic you are consuming.

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