Managed SD-WAN

Smarter WAN connectivity.

Create an information and communications tunnel between multiple locations that you can truly rely on. WiBand’s SD-WAN lets you work with confidence by employing automatic fail over systems, intelligent load balancing, and the ability to use many different kinds of broadband connections to connect your branch offices to the corporate WAN. WiBand also handles the supply and service of all necessary hardware and equipment and provides 24 x 7 monitoring and fault management from our Network Operations Center.

With our SD-WAN service, your business can realize the following benefits:

Lower Monthly Costs

Use common Internet connections to connect your locations, opposed to pricey WAN technologies such as MPLS.

Better Reliability

Automatic failover of connections keeps you online even when a cable is cut or when a wireless connection goes offline.

More Capacity

Load balancing between the connections increases total bandwith of your WAN circuits.


Secure and speedy.

WiBand’s IP VPN allows you to join two or more sites with Ethernet connectivty on a private network that keeps the outside world away from your data and workflow. Focus on the task at hand with a network that emphasizes speed and security, using hardware and equipment supplied, and maintained by WiBand. Don’t just connect, connect and perform.

Our IP VPN is a simple way to connect your offices together via Ethernet and reduce costs. Our IP VPN customers realize the following benefits:

  • Ethernet connections between locations
  • Managed WAN routers are included
  • Easy to transition from other service providers
  • Backed by our enterprise Service Level Agreement (SLA), which guarantees performance levels and responsive technical support

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